Their Love Story

Their love story isn’t over
Today just began the next chapter, there is no end

Their love story was built on the strongest foundation
They held tight to the promises made to each other on their wedding day
They stood strong in their faith, their marriage and their love for one another

Their love story surpassed trying times as well as the difficult years
The kind of love story seen in movies
Except this was their love story and it was real
It was love without hesitation, and always given unconditionally
It was stronger than the limits of this world as well as all their fears

Their love story continues
They are finally together again
He had to leave without her
And it has now already been one year
For her it seemed like an eternity
As she was desperately missing him
After all, their love story had already spanned well over 50 years
Life without him was too much for her to bare
She stayed behind as long as she could, in order to ease our family’s despair
Almost as a final display of her love, kindness and compassion
Unfortunately for us, her body and broken heart couldn’t take anymore

On June 22, 2019 she closed her eyes one last time and reached for his hand
He was there waiting
They are together again
Ready for the next chapter
That began with a celebration of her arrival
He embraces her tight
They spend tonight dancing between the stars
In the presence of God
This is their love story
And how today it begins again

RIP Grandma Young
❤ me

The Broken Inside of Me


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